What they are saying;

Jim Nantz, lead announcer at CBS Sports:

"A must read for college graduates and those new to the business world. This book is filled with practical and real-world advice rarely taught in school. The lessons shared such as Mike's Tips for Success could make a big difference in your ability to succeed in life and the workplace."

Rita Davenport, internationally known motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur:

"I travel the world asking people 'what is the unique gift you are meant to share?' Mike's gift is this book because he wants to see you have a successful, satisfying and meaningful career. Follow his tips learned from his years in business and you will be well on your way."

Joe Scarborough, host, Morning Joe, MSNBC:

"Here's something conservatives and liberals can agree on: Mike Ryan has given all Americans great advice in this book. As a father with two young adult sons, the guidance he offers in BOOM! BOOM! will be of great help in their budding careers."

Sue Clark-Johnson, former president, Gannett newspaper division:

"Read this book if you are starting your career, in the middle of it or thinking about retiring. Mike Ryan has been brutally honest in what he learned from his own missteps and successes. And, he is paying it forward to help the rest of us."

Jerry Pate, Former U.S. Open golf champion and business executive:

"Your examples and lessons are many of the same principles I have preached to my employees and senior managers for years. Similar lessons were taught to me by several mentors during my teenage, college, and PGA Tour years. Your book gives many life-learned experiences and is an enjoyable quick read. It can guide us to a successful career and life. Thanks for 'paying it forward'."

Jyl Steinback, Executive Director, Shape Up US, "America's Healthiest Mom," a mother of two, cookbook/lifestyle author and health expert:

"Mike’s BOOM! BOOM! tips throughout the book are “Aha” moments that I call “Life Lessons” that you will be using throughout your personal life and business career. This book is extremely business savvy and each chapter I read, I underlined a BOOM! BOOM! and immediately began to “pay it forward” starting with my own son, a freshman in college. Thanks, Mike, totally awesome – an easy read and extremely POWERFUL!"

Christopher Callahan, Dean and University Vice Provost, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Arizona State University:

"A straightforward and practical guide to the work place. Mike Ryan taps into his years of experience to develop a set of very helpful and applicable tips."

Phil LoCascio, director of continuous improvement & customer service, National Aviation:

"Although I am getting closer to the end of my 35 year career in aerospace manufacturing management, I really enjoyed the book. I read it during a recent flight and felt that it was a refreshing way to review basic, important, career principals. It offers stories and guidance, but it's not overbearing with it's advice. I gave the book to my nephew who is a "rising star" in the financial markets business. He was appreciative. He was struggling with how to make a future career choice. I'm sure it will be helpful to him. I'm going to buy a few more as gifts."

Rick Peckham, TV voice of the Tampa Bay Lightning:

"The Boom! Boom! Book hits home in a very practical and entertaining way. With two sons currently in college, and the number of younger co-workers I interact with frequently, I came across many points that would help them day-to-day and big-picture. I will certainly encourage them to read Mike's book. It also provided reminders of good lessons learned along the way for a 'veteran' like me."

Dennis Slattery, MBA, CPA, Associate Professor, School of Business, Southern Oregon University:

"I am using Michael Ryan's excellent work "The BOOM!  BOOM! Book" in my MBA management/cost accounting class to augment our class discussions.  I think it is essential reading for anyone considering a career in management.  Management/cost accounting is all about understanding the internal and external cost environment.  However, I believe it is just as important to have a solid philosophical foundation about your career and how you relate to the organization to which you give your efforts.  "The BOOM!  BOOM! Book" is an excellent addition to the MBA student's toolbox of skills."

Michael Wong, Mass Communications Professor, Arizona State University:

"Michael Ryan's 'Boom Boom' book on practical career advice was a 'winner' in many ways with my college students. Not only were the tips relevant and the cost of the book inexpensive, but it was a quick and fun read. Students learned some very important things about themselves and the workplace."

John M. Baracy, Ed.D, Adjunct Professor, Northern Arizona University, Superintendent, Scottsdale Unified School District, (ret.):

"The BOOM! BOOM! Book, is an excellent road map to navigate your life long career journey, filled with numerous leadership situations and experiences.  A must read book for those that want to improve their careers and leadership skills."