About The Boom Boom Book


What do these statements have in common?

- The Person You Have to Keep Happy in Your Life is YOU!
- Don't Love the Company, the Company Can't Love You Back
- It Can't Happen to Me. Wanna Bet?

They are just three of the tips in the hot new book called "The BOOM! BOOM! Book: Practical Tips to Make Sure Your Career Doesn't Go BUST!"

Award-winning journalist and business executive Michael Ryan gives it to you straight. There's no sugar-coating here. Just solid advice that could either help make or break your career. He has seen a lot – the good and the bad – and is eager to share his experiences to help others. He details the road to success, how to take care of yourself, how to take control and what to avoid if you become a manager.

The book’s theme is based on the movie that debuted in 2000 called “Pay IT Forward,” where the gifts we receive are meant to be shared. The book’s goal is to start a conversation. After reading, make sure you submit your own BOOM! BOOM! Tips at www.theboomboombook.com so you can pay it forward.

In the book, Ryan shares lessons from his own career and from others. For example, it was former Xerox human resources vice president Don Zrebiec who said “don’t love the company, the company can’t love you back.”

“This was an attempt to wake employees to the new reality, to the dramatically changed environments they were now part of,” Zrebiec said. “It was attempting to emphasize that their relationship with their company was an economic one and could and probably would be terminated any time those economics changed.”

How prophetic Zrebiec was with the loss of millions of jobs when the economy tanked and businesses started shedding their workforces.

Ryan emphasizes that people need to find their passion in life and be willing to take risks. He tells about a former co-worker, Amir Raza, who quit a high-paying sales position to take a job paying a quarter of what he was making to pursue his dream of getting into television. Amir reveals the lessons he learned going through this life-changing experience.

The BOOM! BOOM! Book’s practical advice can be applied by anyone in his or her work career. Ryan asks just one thing: remember to Pay It Forward.